Consulting Services

For asset managers

For asset managers


Product development consulting
Based on practical experience from developing a broad selection of investment products across jurisdictions, asset classes (equities, fixed income, alternatives), strategies and vehicles (mutual funds, hedge funds, structured products, separate institutional mandates) we help asset managers to develop new products matching the product wrapping with investment strategies, regulations and client needs.


We also assist managers in back-testing of strategies, business plan development and pricing decisions.


Distribution consulting
New managers often face difficult challenges in the early years, where raising money from investors can be quite hard work. Having developed and implemented distribution strategies across 12 European countries targeting institutional investors, private banks, fund platforms, fund-of-funds and retail banks, we are able to share valuable lessons learned, and can help new managers focus on the key issues.


Additionally we have assisted managers in the more operational areas such as developing presentations and pitch books, improving RFP-processes and developing professional answers to due diligence questionnaires.


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